We bridge the gap between the need for content and the means to disseminate it. Here are the platforms we work through and can offer to you.



We have the most advanced technology in the market when it comes to building robust IVR platforms. We can use it to communicate pre-defined flows as per the subscription flow of services we build for the operator’s subscribers. User can interact with the IVR options to avail the service and to get their request posted.



The quickest communication platform is USSD which works on a session basis. We have deployed USSD platforms for the ease of the customer. They just have to dial a USSD short code, access the menu and submit their request accordingly by replying to the numbers.



Automatic Speech Recognition is one of the premium product based on the CISCO infrastructure to give the users a most advanced experience to opt for services using ASR technology. There is no need to click any key, a simple voice command will execute the necessary action.



One of the highest conversion platforms used worldwide is OBD. It describes to the user product information, and take consent by the customer at the same time.



A futuristic product, VOBD makes use of the most popular means of content consumption – video. The purpose it to get the user to see the advertisement on picking up a phone call. They can experience the product and provide their consent, dislike, or an instant purchase after watching the ad.



Wap Lead has developed one of the most dynamic Service Delivery Platforms which helps connect end users, content providers and operators on one platform .


Ad Network

Wap Lead has recently gone into the dedicated Ad Network platform that gives users the ability to register and run campaigns for their products using our tracking platform. Our tracking platform is an automated one which is easy to use for a layman too. We have thousands of advertisers and lakhs of publishers already connected to our platform.